Mariupol residents in Putin video identified, unknown heckler caught in audio

20 March, 01:19 PM
Some of those present in the video from Putin's visit to Mariupol (Photo:Mariupol.Sprotyv / Telegram)

Some of those present in the video from Putin's visit to Mariupol (Photo:Mariupol.Sprotyv / Telegram)

Several residents of the Russian-occupied city of Mariupol were identified in a video with Russian leader Vladimir Putin during his nighttime visit to the city, according to a report by the Mariupol.Sprotyv Telegram channel on March 19.

In the video, an elderly man named Mykola Lotkov told Putin that he had lost everything but was now provided with an apartment. Lotkov's son Dmytro, daughter-in-law Kateryna, and family friend Oleksiy Bondarenko were also present in the video.

Mariupol residents claim that all of them took part in looting during the city's shelling by Russian troops.

Video of day

Additionally, Mariupol.Sprotyv reported that a woman named Iryna Volosatova, who thanked Putin for the "victory," is also accused of theft. Her house reportedly burned down.

Russian news agency RIA Novosti released the video of Putin's nighttime visit to occupied Mariupol on Telegram on March 19. Putin arrived in the city by helicopter and then drove around to inspect various facilities and spoke with locals.

In an early release of the video of Putin talking with the allegedly local residents by Kremlin-controlled news agency RIA Novosti, a woman can be heard shouting "This is all false. It's a show!"

Behind Putin, a man holding papers and a folder who appears to be one of the organizers can be seen looking around frantically for the source of the shouting.

In later versions of the video released by RIA Novosti and Russian state news agency TASS the shouting was edited out.

During his visit, Putin was accompanied by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Husnullin, who "reported to the president about the construction work in the captured city and its surroundings," according to Russian media.

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