Mayor of Melitopol says blast on May 30 hospitalized two collaborators

31 May, 06:31 PM
A blast in Melitopol hit near the house of collaborator Yevhen Balytskyi (Photo:Ріа-Мелітополь/Telegram)

A blast in Melitopol hit near the house of collaborator Yevhen Balytskyi (Photo:Ріа-Мелітополь/Telegram)

As a result of an explosion in occupied Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, on May 30, two collaborators who seized power in the community of Terpinnya to the north of the city were injured, Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov has said.

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The collaborators are currently in the hospital, their lives are not in danger, the mayor said, not revealing their names.

“But we understand, since the hunt for collaborators has begun, the racists (Russian soldiers) will definitely mop them up,” he said, implying that the Russian invaders may have been behind the attack.

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Fedorov added that reports that the niece of local collaborator Yevhen Balytskyi, who has proclaimed himself “governor,” had not been confirmed.

He also said that there are two main theories about the cause of the explosion:

The first, most probable one, is that the invaders themselves have begun to “clean out” collaborators in Melitopol, he said.

The second was that it was a partisan attack.

The explosion in Melitopol occurred on the morning of May 30 near the Kvartal shopping mall, where Balytskyi's house is located. Local media reported that his niece Yevhenia Zaitseva had been injured in the blast.

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