Military expert tells how Ukrainian offensive forces invaders to flee

13 September, 04:32 PM
Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces (Photo:CinC AF of Ukraine / Facebook)

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces (Photo:CinC AF of Ukraine / Facebook)

Invading Russian forces are fleeing the occupied territories following the successful counter-offensive in Kharkiv Oblast by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military expert Serhiy Kuzan told Radio NV on Sept. 10.

 “Even in those territories they still consider theirs, still consider under their control, we see more and more deserters and large convoys moving toward the Russian border, toward Belgorod,” he said.

“We also see cases of looting, when Russian soldiers themselves take vehicles from civilians in order to escape. And that’s why even separate units of our Armed Forces operating in the territory that has not yet been formally liberated, are simply terrorizing the Russian army.”

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Kuzan the invaders have already recognized their defeat, but that Ukraine is still short of weapons to take advantage of the enemy’s fear and panic.

“We still don’t have enough weapons for an offensive, which is what we expect from our Western partners to launch this offensive,” Kuzan said.

“Let me remind you that superiority in both aircraft and missiles for such a war remains with the Russians. But only thanks to the skill of our mechanized brigades, our infantry, we won back and liberated such an amount of territory that the Russians had not been able to capture for months.”

He noted the Russians were continuing their offensive through momentum only in the Avdiyivka and Bakhmut areas.

“Slovyansk, Svyatohirsk, the north of Donetsk Oblast are already inaccessible to them,” Kuzan said.

“They can no longer count on the entire line along the Siverskyi Donets River. But they continue to throw some groups into battle, burning through reserves. And I’ll remind you that these are fighters recruited from Donetsk Oblast, as well as convicts from the Wagner (mercenary company).”

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