Moscow keeps its Kherson troops unaware of recent battlefield developments, Ukrainian intelligence says

8 September, 07:33 PM
Russian invaders in Ukraine (Photo:Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters)

Russian invaders in Ukraine (Photo:Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters)

The Kremlin keeps fresh Russian units arriving in occupied Kherson Oblast in the dark and unaware of recent advances by Ukrainian forces in the region, Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (MID) said in a Telegram post on Sept. 8.

According to the report, Russian soldiers are told to hand over their phones on arrival, while their commanders don’t keep them appraised of, for example, the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka bridge over the Dnipro River.

“Soldiers, sergeants, and junior officers are not aware of the destruction of Russian ammo depots and bases in the last three weeks,” MID said.

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Russian commanders are attempting to ensure their troops remain convinced that “everything is going according to plan.”

The message also said that mobilized troops from occupied Donbas are being coerced into signing service contracts.

In many cases, this is done without consent, and soldiers aren’t even told the terms of the contracts they are being bound by.

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