Putin preparing terrorist attack in Chornobyl, intelligence says

11 March 2022, 03:50 PM

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has issued an order to prepare a terrorist attack at the Russian-occupied Chornobyl nuclear power plant (NPP), the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate wrote on Facebook on March 11.

“They plan to create a man-made disaster, the responsibility for which the invaders will try to shift onto Ukraine,” reads the report.

“At present, the Chornobyl NPP is completely disconnected from the monitoring systems of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The plant is out of power. The diesel power generators have resources remaining for another 48 hours to power the operation of the security systems.”

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Despite this critical situation, the Russian invaders have refused to provide Ukrainian repair teams access to the plant, letting in only “Belarusian specialists,” which the statement alleges contain “Russian saboteurs” that will organize a terrorist attack at the decommissioned NPP.

“To simulate the involvement of the Ukrainian military in this Chornobyl accident, the invaders are trying to create fake ‘evidence’ to support their version of events,” the intelligence directorate said.

“In particular, Russian mobile refrigerators collecting the bodies of dead Ukrainian defenders have been spotted near Antonov Airport in the town of Hostomel. It’s possible that they (invaders) will present them as ‘saboteurs’ killed in the Chornobyl zone... Having failed to get the desired result from the ground military operation and direct negotiations, Putin is ready to resort to nuclear blackmail of the world community for the sake of concessions in Ukraine’s support.”

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