Russia attacks Kremenchuk heating plant

14 May, 04:36 PM
Russian occupiers fired missiles at the Kremenchug CHP (illustrative photo) (

Russian occupiers fired missiles at the Kremenchug CHP (illustrative photo) (

The Russian military has attacked a centralheating plant (CHP) in Kremenchuk, near Poltava, with cruise missiles, putting 180,000 civilians at risk of freezing during the winter months, head of Poltava regional administration Dmytro Lunin told Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform on May 14.

“There are no casualties, but damage is extensive,” said Lunin.

“The CHP was undergoing repairs (following a previous Russian attack), but another (missile) strike occurred today; Russian invaders are seemingly trying to leave 180,000 residents of Kremenchuk … with no heating during winter.”

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According to Lunin, Russia has carried out a total of 12 missile strikes at the city, including one targeting a local oil refinery. He added that those were high-precision missiles, so they were hitting their intended targets.

At the same time, infrastructure of Poltava oblast remains relatively unscathed compared to other regions that have suffered heavy devastation from Russia’s invasion.

On April 24, nine Russian missiles struck the CHP and oil refinery in Kremenchuk.

On April 2, three Russian war planes carried out air strikes against industrial targets in the city, leaving the oil refinery non-operational. In conjunction with the destruction of around 15 oil depots across Ukraine, this has led to widespread fuel shortages and lengthy queues at gas stations around the country.

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