Russian Defense Ministry reports “minor damage” to Ivan Golubets minesweeper

29 October 2022, 07:28 PM
Minesweeper Ivan Golubets (

Minesweeper Ivan Golubets (

There has been allegedly “minor damage” caused to Russia’s minesweeper Ivan Golubets as a result of a “drone attack”in Sevastopol on the morning of Oct. 29, according to the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

The Russian ministry blamed Ukraine for the incident, though Ukraine has not claimed responsibility.

Russian sources claim they allegedly “destroyed all air targets” targeting Russian naval vessels at the Sevastopol port, lying that the “attack” occurred “under the leadership of British specialists who are currently in Ochakiv.”

Video of day

Explosions were heard in Crimea in the morning of Oct. 29. Kremlin puppets in Russia-occupied Sevastopol’s administration announced a drone attack in the waters of the Sevastopol Bay, allegedly repelled by Russian ships. Then they said that “no objects in the city were hit,” and “the situation is under control.”

Later on, the head of the Crimean occupation authority, Mikhail Razvozhayev, announced the “largest attack on Sevastopol” since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and said that civilians would be blocked from accessing CCTV broadcasts.

“Don't panic. Just turn off the cameras not only in Sevastopol, but also everywhere in the occupied territory,” Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak commented on the event.
“After the ‘negative offensive’ to the 1991 borders, you will tell your z-flock that you ‘won’ the war. And the ‘Black Sea Fleet’ just sailed away...”

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