US pondering how to brand Russian regime

24 December 2022, 01:07 AM
Oksana Markarova (Photo:Oksana Markarova/Facebook)

Oksana Markarova (Photo:Oksana Markarova/Facebook)

U.S. political leadership is discussing which status Washington should assign to the current Russian regime, choosing between “state sponsor of terrorism,” “terrorist state,” or “aggressor state,” Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova told Radio Liberty on Dec. 23.

“We have a very active discussion, because there is a current status in the United States, which is already approved by law, it is a ‘state sponsor of terrorism,’ but this is a rather old formula,” said Markarova.

The ambassador noted that as of today, four countries have this status – Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Syria. Markarova stressed that Kyiv would like to see Russia among these countries, because it deserves to be among rogue states.

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“However, it is not a sponsor of terrorism – it is a terrorist country itself,” she added.

According to her, the United States is considering an alternative resolution, which proposes to give Russia a new status – an aggressor country that carries out terror against civilian population.

“We hope that in these discussions we will come up with the most powerful formulation that will allow us to label it correctly and isolate Russia from the civilized world,” Markarova concluded.

On Nov. 23, the European Parliament adopted a resolution to declare Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and called for international isolation of Moscow.

On Oct. 13, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution supporting Ukraine and recognizing the Russian regime as a terrorist one.

A number of parliaments of European countries have previously recognized the Russian regime as a terrorist one – the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia among them.

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