Russia using new 1.5-tonne bombs against Ukraine – Defense Express

5 March, 06:21 PM
UPAB-1500 V glide bombs can be dropped 40 km from the target (Photo:Defense Express)

UPAB-1500 V glide bombs can be dropped 40 km from the target (Photo:Defense Express)

Russia has for the first time deployed its new 1.5-tonne UPAB-1500 V glide bombs against Ukraine, the Ukrainian military news site Defense Express reported on March 4.

The first use of this type of ammunition was recorded a few weeks ago against a facility in Chernihiv Oblast, the north of Ukraine. A piece of bomb debris had a marking reading UPAB-1500 V.

The UPAB-1500 V was first presented at a military exhibition in 2019 by developer GNPP Region, part of JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation – a major Russian weapon manufacturer. At the time, it was reported that it had already been tested and put into service with the Russian Aerospace Forces and had received the first export orders.

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The UPAB-1500 V is a serious threat because of its technology and explosive power.Equipped with inertial and satellite navigation, the 1,010-kg warhead is designed to destroy heavily fortified objects. These bombs can be dropped 40 km from the target, although aircraft can be no lower than 14 km in the air.

The use of glide bombs by Russia remains rare. The launch of such ammunition requires Russian attack aircraft to fly at a considerable height, amplifying the ease of identifying and targeting the carrier.

Analysts assume that the Russian Su-34 front-line bomber, which was shot down in the Yenakiyevo area, Donetsk Oblast, on March 3, was carrying the UPAB-1500 V bombs.

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