Russian air power ‘a key factor’ in recent Donbas advances

4 June, 04:14 PM
A Russian fighter jet (Photo:Oleg Ziminov)

A Russian fighter jet (Photo:Oleg Ziminov)

Moscow is utilizing air power to achieve tactical successes in Donbas, using both high-precision and unguided ordnance, UK military intelligence said in the daily Twitter update on June 4.

Russia’s inability to suppress and destroy Ukraine’s strategic anti-aircraft systems left its ground troops without the tactical air support it needed for a successful assault on Kyiv in the first weeks of the invasion.

“Consequently, Russian air activity has been largely restricted to deep strikes using air and surface-launched cruise missiles to disrupt the movement of Ukrainian reinforcements and supplies,” UK MoD assessment reads.

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“These strikes alone however have failed to have a meaningful impact on the conflict, and Russian stocks of precisions guided missiles are likely to have been significantly depleted as a result.”

After it switched its focus to the Donbas, Russian managed to utilize its overwhelming firepower by combining airstrikes with artillery fire.

“The combined use of air and artillery strikes has been a key factor in Russia’s recent tactical successes in the region; the increased use of unguided munitions has led to the widespread destruction of built-up areas in Donbas, and has almost certainly caused substantial collateral damage and civilian casualties.”

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