Russian conscripts from Kaliningrad prefer jail over fighting Ukrainians – video

9 March, 07:00 PM
Russian mobs threaten the command with desertion (Photo:Screenshot of the video from wartranslated/Twitter)

Russian mobs threaten the command with desertion (Photo:Screenshot of the video from wartranslated/Twitter)

Mobilized Russian soldiers from Kaliningrad are refusing to fight against Ukraine, preferring instead to go to jail or suffer torture and rape, according to a video shared on social media on March 8.

“No one will go there (to the front), it would be better if they put us in jail,” the conscripts said.

“You can put us in prison. How many years will we get? Five, seven, 10 years? It doesn’t matter!” they say.

“You will torture, rape us. We are so angry after the death of our comrades. We’ll go on foot, we’ll take a taxi. Fight on your own! For whom to die? For what? We’re refusing to go on an assault.”

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According to the conscripts, the huge losses during the so-called “meat assaults” of the Russian army lead many soldiers to commit suicide to avoid another attack on the Ukrainian defensive lines.

“Do you want suicides here?” the Russian soldiers asked.

“Did you see a pool of blood here? The man didn’t go on the attack, he pulled the trigger since he understood where he had to go. Do you understand that we will die there? In the first, second fight. You will lose the entire company in a week. We were supposed to be in the territorial defense units!”

Similar complaints from disgruntled “cannon fodder” have been heard before, but have fallen on deaf ears.

There have been several reported cases where conscripts have recorded such appeals, demanding their withdrawal from the warzone. Most, however, were very probably later killed in an attack for which they were inadequately trained.

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