Russian forced pushed back in southern Ukraine

11 April, 12:08 AM
Natalia Humeniuk (Photo:Screenshot of the only telethon/Youtube)

Natalia Humeniuk (Photo:Screenshot of the only telethon/Youtube)

Russian troops in southern Ukraine are withdrawing further from the contact line – beyond the reach of Ukrainian weapons, Ukraine’s Operational Command South spokesperson Nataliya Humeniuk said in an interview with Radio Liberty on April 10.

She stressed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to maintain fire control over roads and railways in the region, striking enemy forces as they retreat.

“We are monitoring them, trying to stop not just the movement of columns of equipment and manpower to the front line, but also their retreat,” Humenyuk said.

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According to her, a “powerful preparatory stage” for the anticipated counteroffensive is currently underway, at which the Armed Forces of Ukraine are destroying Russian supply depots, concentrations of equipment and manpower.

“They, of course, are calculating the distance so as not to be hit by our weapons, but based on the fact that the ‘cotton’ (slang for explosions deep behind the front line) season has already begun in Crimea, they are gradually realizing that wherever Ukraine is, they won’t find peace,” Humenyuk noted.

On March 26, Ukrainian President’s Representative in Crimea, Tamila Tasheva, said in an interview with NV Radio that Russian invaders are panicking and digging trenches along the entire coastline of the peninsula. These fortifications are visible on numerous satellite images published in recent weeks.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Russia's war against Ukraine should end with the liberation of Crimea – just as it began with its occupation.

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