Russian occupying forces are looking to stage “referendum” in Kherson

12 March 2022, 06:13 PM

Moscow is planning to hold a so-called “referendum” in the areas of Kherson oblast under Russian occupation, in order to proclaim another “people’s republic” in the region, local lawmaker Serhiy Khlan said on Facebook on March 12.

Khlan said that Russians are currently calling his fellow elected representatives and urging them to cooperate.

“(I) Refused outright,” he said.

“I address the deputies of the Kherson regional council: Dear colleagues, I’m sure you understand the consequences of your decisions. Establishing a ‘KhPR’ (Kherson People’s Republic) would turn our lands into a hopeless hole, devoid of life and future. Don’t lend them a singe vote! Don’t give them a way to legitimize ‘KhPR’! The country is looking at you, there could be no justification for collaborating with the occupying forces.”

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Kherson Mayor Ihor Kolykhayev told the New Voice of Ukraine he finds it hard to confirm or deny the information about the possible preparation of the “referendum” in the occupied Kherson.

Kherson has been living under Russian occupation since March 1. Kolykhayev said the city has been blocked by Russians, not allowing Ukrainian humanitarian aid to come to the city, not allowing any green corridors into Ukraine either. Instead the occupiers offer their own humanitarian aid to the locals and film those who come to take it for Russian propaganda. The Russians have also seized the local TV and radio and have been broadcasting Russian propaganda. Despite all of that locals keep protesting against the Russian occupation. More than 400 activists have been arrested by the Rosgvardia police forces.

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