Propaganda machine preparing Russians for new wave of mobilization, warns Ukrainian military intelligence

15 February, 05:28 PM
Andriy Yusov (Photo:Скриншот/YouTube/Суспільне Новини)

Andriy Yusov (Photo:Скриншот/YouTube/Суспільне Новини)

The Russian Federation is preparing own citizens for a new wave of mobilization through propaganda, as the Kremlin is attempting to explain to Russians why they should calmly go to war, a representative of the Defense Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR), Andriy Yusov, stated on national television on Feb. 15.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is planning a series of public statements, assurances, calls, and concerts to "fuel the propaganda with something," with the main purpose being to prepare the population for this new mobilization, Yusov said.

"This is done to support the Kremlin’s narratives,” he explained.

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“We will hear that the (“special) operation” is going according to plan. That they are not at war with Ukraine, but are protecting Russia from all of NATO. Another thing is that NATO didn’t show up, but who cares?"

According to him, the propaganda is being used to explain to Russians why they should follow the Kremlin's instructions, even if it means going to war.

"It is explained to them why they should silently go to the slaughter, following some baffling instructions by the Kremlin elders,” he said.

“These are probably not citizens, they are rather subjects of the Russian Federation, because citizens would defend their own rights and ask certain questions. Maybe it will get to that point too.”

Earlier, the HUR said that Russia was trying to create a two-million strong army of invaders and form strategic reserves.

Russia has lost nearly 140,000 soldiers in its full-scale war against Ukraine so far, as of Feb. 15.

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