Russians unsettled by attacks on borderlands, expert says

13 September, 06:42 PM
Pillars of smoke in Belgorod (Photo:Telegram/Baza)

Pillars of smoke in Belgorod (Photo:Telegram/Baza)

The Russian public is getting increasingly distressed by sporadic explosions in regions close to the Ukrainian border, head of the Military and Legal Research Center Oleksandr Musienko said in an interview with NV Radio on Sept. 13.

“Reports from multiple sources suggest there were significant explosions in several (Russian) cities yesterday – Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog,” said Musienko.

“Powerful explosions, detonations of some sort, with shockwaves heard across several cities.”

According to Musienko, as Ukraine reclaims its territories near the Russian border, they are coming under threat of Russian shelling from across the border, which in turn introduces the need to degrade Moscow’s ability to launch such attacks.

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“We need to be prepared to use various weapons to strike at the Russian positions where they have equipment that can launch artillery and missile attacks on our territory,” the expert said.

That’s exactly what Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny wrote in a recent article, Musienko noted.

“It’s a question of capability; a question of weapons and medium-range missiles serving as a deterrent,” Musienko said.

“If the enemy is aware that we can target his military infrastructure..., he will think twice (before shelling Ukrainian territory). Either way, a partial spillover of the conflict into Russia itself disturbs the Russian public.”

Musienko added that recurring explosions in Crimea and Russia proper are becoming a psychological deterrent, at least for the Russian citizens.

“Their society now understands that the war is not in some far-away place..., but right on their doorstep, and it was brought there by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and his team,” Musienko said.

“And that is a sort of a deterrent.”

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