Six Belarusian volunteers missing after Lysychansk: some reported dead, others captured

6 July, 02:56 PM
Six Belarusian volunteers missing after Lysychansk (Photo:Belwarriors/Telegram)

Six Belarusian volunteers missing after Lysychansk (Photo:Belwarriors/Telegram)

Six Belarusian volunteers from the Kastuś Kalinoŭski Regiment did not return from Lysychansk in Luhansk Oblast, the Belarusian publication Nasha Niva reported on July 6.

A group of Belarusians from the Kalinoŭski Regiment was reported to have found themselves in the way of a large column of Russian troops on June 26, and gave battle.

Until the last, there was hope that they survived. Now it has emerged that some of the fighters died, and some were captured, Nasha Niva reported.

Видео дня

The last message from the soldiers was: "A tank is coming at us. We engaged it."

Ivan “Brest” Marchuk and five other people did not return from the battle. The regiment reports that they are now being searched for.

This is the biggest single loss of the Belarusian unit in the war against the Russian invaders. In total, seven Belarusian volunteers have died in various units on the Ukrainian side.

According to eyewitnesses of the events, part of the Belarusians, together with Brest, gave cover for the retreat of the second half of the group. Brest was seriously wounded in the leg and head. In this battle, he destroyed at least one tank.

One of the Russian Telegram channels posted on July 5 a video of the captive Yan “Trombli” Dzhurbeik from the village of Lyasne near Minsk. The report claims that he is not the only prisoner.

The Belarusian regiment emphasized that they are doing everything possible to return their soldiers. Volunteers were ordered to preserve their lives and health in case of capture, and "to say what the enemy wants to hear from them."

Earlier it was reported that on June 26, during the battles for Lysychansk, the commander of the Volat battalion of the Kastuś Kalinoŭski Regiment, Ivan, with the call sign Brest, had been killed.

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