Special Operations Forces commander visits Bakhmut to rally troops

26 April, 12:12 PM
Commander of Special Operations Forces, General Viktor Khorenko, visited Bakhmut (Photo:t.me/ukr_sof)

Commander of Special Operations Forces, General Viktor Khorenko, visited Bakhmut (Photo:t.me/ukr_sof)

Ukraine’s commander of Special Operations Forces, General Viktor Khorenko, visited the intense battleground of Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, the group announced on Telegram on April 26.

He observed the situation first-hand and spoke with Special Operations Forces units defending the city.

“The situation in Bakhmut is really difficult, but who, if not you, knows what to do and how to act in the current conditions,” Khorenko told the soldiers.

Photo: t.me/rus_sof

“Your work here once again proves that the Special Operations Forces are primarily an advantage of quality over quantity.”

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The general also emphasized the importance of the work of special task groups during the defense of Bakhmut and the professionalism of the Special Operations Forces.

Photo: t.me/rus_sof

Bakhmut is turning into a “model of military shame” for Russia, Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Eastern grouping’s spokesperson, Serhiy Cherevaty, said on April 25.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared on April 24 that Ukraine would not give up Bakhmut, as it would allow Russia to extend the front line and threaten more cities in Donbas.

Fierce fighting for Bakhmut continues, with Russian invaders attacking and destroying buildings, while Ukrainian defenders resist and conduct counterassaults, Deputy Defense Minister, Hanna Malyar said on April 21.

The Battle of Bakhmut has been ongoing since July 2022.

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