Spy chief opens up about back and neck injuries in NV interview

24 May, 06:25 PM
Kyrylo Budanov (Photo:NV)

Kyrylo Budanov (Photo:NV)

NV discovered the consequences for the health of the country's chief intelligence officer after repeated "official trips" to the combat zone.

Prior to becoming the head of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (HUR), Kyrylo Budanov, was a military intelligence officer. He performed special missions in the Joint Forces Operation area in Donbas several times and was wounded three times.

His experiences are recalled in the article "The Fate of Spy No. 1" published in issue 2 of NV magazine.

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Budanov described his first injury as light — "a piece of shrapnel hit him". The second was the result of an anti-personnel mine explosion where one of its fragments hit the future spy chief below the heart.

"It cannot be removed from the body, it is dangerous," the Budanov told NV.

"My back and neck were pierced. I walked across the front line on my own, on adrenaline, for about 5 km, and then fell down exhausted. The wound is severe, but I can live on, strictly speaking.”

For his third injury, he was shot in the right arm. It has been badly bent since then as the bullet blew out his elbow joint.

The HUR chief refused to further elaborate the circumstances under which he was wounded.

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