Ukrainian defenders stabilize Southern front, reports Ukrainian military

20 May, 06:22 PM
Destroyed equipment of Russian invaders (Photo:General Staff)

Destroyed equipment of Russian invaders (Photo:General Staff)

As of the 85th day of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the situation on the Southern Front, along the Black Sea coast, is tense but stable, Ukraine’s Operational Command South reported on Facebook on May 20.

Russia's war against Ukraine – the main events of May 20

In Kherson Oblast, the invaders continue to shelling settlements they them-selves have occupied, in an attempt to blame Ukraine for the destruction. Deploying weapons that imitate those used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russians also use anti-air defenses to shoot down their own missiles and pass it off as the shelling of the civilian population by the Ukrainian military.

Видео дня

Mykolaiv Oblast is being shelled by Smerch multiple launch rocket system. The enemy continues to destroy Mykolaiv, its infrastructure and production capacities.

“Our units of missile and artillery batteries, in cooperation with aviation, per-formed 91 combat tasks,” OC South wrote.

“As a result, another ammunition depot in Kherson Oblast, two T-72 tanks, a self-propelled gun mount and a howitzer, two Grad multiple rocket launchers and Tor missile system, and armored vehicles and motor vehicles were destroyed. The number of enemy forces has been reduced by another 40 Russians.”

In addition, counter-sabotage measures are ongoing in Odesa Oblast, as well as countering fake claims of mining. Law enforcement officers detained a resident of Mykolaiv Oblast who the day before spread false information about the preparation of an explosion in one of the parks and several administrative buildings in Odesa.

The situation on the border with the unrecognized pro-Kremlin territory of Transnistria is stable, and Ukrainian defense forces are dug in.

Russia’s Black Sea fleet continues to threaten southern Ukraine and other regions with missile strikes. The use of missile systems and strategic aviation from occupied Crimea remains a possibility.

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