Ukraine retaking Kherson is imminent, says official

26 March, 05:17 PM
Markian Lubkivskyi (Photo:Markian Lubkivskyi/Facebook)

Markian Lubkivskyi (Photo:Markian Lubkivskyi/Facebook)

Ukraine’s Armed Forces may liberate and retake Kherson by the end of the day, adviser to the country’s defense minister Markiyan Lubkivskyi told BBC Radio 4 on March 26.

“I think the city (of Kherson) will be fully under the control of Ukrainian military today,” Lubkivskyi said.

He added that Ukraine’s army has finished a two-day-long operation in Kyiv Oblast.

“And so, the other concentration of (Ukraine’s) armed forces is currently in the south of the country, attempting to retake Kherson and other cities.”

Видео дня

In an earlier briefing, the Pentagon described Russian invading forces as not being in full control of Kherson, saying that the city could soon become “contested.”

The southern city of Kherson, directly north of Russian-ocupied Crimea, has been under Russian occupation since the first days of the month-long Russian invasion. Ukrainian residents of the city have been consistently protesting the occupation, and have rebuffed Russian attempts to establish a puppet authority in the region.

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