Ukraine to get over 200 armored vehicles from UK

19 January, 01:12 PM
Britain previously promised to transfer Bulldog armored vehicles (Photo:PeterShuklinov/Twitter)

Britain previously promised to transfer Bulldog armored vehicles (Photo:PeterShuklinov/Twitter)

The trickle of pledges of vitally important armor for Ukraine from its allies, while not yet a flood, is becoming a decent-sized stream.

In the latest announcement of aid, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has said that as well as tanks, the United Kingdom will provide the Ukrainian army with more than 200 armored vehicles, news outlet RBC-Ukraine reported on Jan. 19.

Cleverly also said that London would respond more quickly to the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for weapons.

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"The UK has decided to supply our friends with Challenger 2 main battle tanks, heavy artillery and more than 200 units of other armored vehicles," Cleverly said.

On Jan. 16, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed that his country would provide Ukraine with 14 Challenger 2 tanks and 30 AS90 self-propelled artillery systems. Wallace noted that his country would be the first to provide Western tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Later, reports appeared that the UK would also provide Ukraine with more than 100 armored vehicles, including Bulldog tracked armored personnel carriers.

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