Ukrainian-made component found in Iranian Mohajer-6 drone

29 October 2022, 02:02 PM
The Mohajer-6 drone managed to land intact (Photo:K3fCPRYT/Twitter)

The Mohajer-6 drone managed to land intact (Photo:K3fCPRYT/Twitter)

A Ukrainian-made component has been found in an Iranian Mohajer-6 drone, Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) reported on Oct. 28.

The components found were nominally meant for civilian purposes, which allows Iran to avoid sanctions.

Most of the components of the drone are American-made. There are also components of Japanese, Chinese, Austrian, and Swedish origins.

“We’ve found only one component of Ukrainian production, but it is there,” a HUR expert said.

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“Now our services will find out how it got there.”

According to earlier reports, the Mohajer-6 reconnaissance drone is equipped with an aircraft engine produced by Austrian company Rotax.

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