Up to 10,000 Russian troops currently present in Belarus, border guards say

13 March, 03:00 PM
Russia is training its military on the territory of Belarus to participate in the war against Ukraine (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Russia)

Russia is training its military on the territory of Belarus to participate in the war against Ukraine (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Russia)

Up to 10,000 Russian servicemen are currently undergoing military training and rotation in Belarus, spokesperson of the State Border Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko said on Ukrainian television channel Kyiv on March 13.

“Belarus continues to support Russia, providing its military infrastructure, airspace and military bases,” Demchenko said.

“About 9,000-10,000 Russian soldiers are present in Belarus. They are involved in joint military drills or training. Those units that have already undergone training are being deployed to the territory of Russia to strengthen the Russian troops’ grouping in the east of our country. New units will be transferred to the territory of Belarus for training.”

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Demchenko added the situation on the border with Belarus remains fully under control, but “the enemy cannot be underestimated.”

“There is no group on the other side of the border that is large enough to be able to invade the territory of Ukraine,” the official said.

“We don’t record the movement of Russian personnel or military equipment near the border. But the enemy cannot be underestimated. We must be ready for the development of any situation. We continue to strengthen the border line so that all units have every opportunity to repel any attack.”

Directly prior to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko provided Belarusian territory as a staging ground for the invading forces. The troops gathered in Belarus were primarily used to attack the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv. The Russian army also continues to launch missile strikes at Ukraine from Belarus.

Belarusian troops do not directly participate in hostilities. However, experts have warned that it is possible for Belarus or Russia to attempt another attack on Kyiv from the north.

Ukrainian Joint Forces Commander Lieutenant-General Serhiy Nayev said on Feb. 22 that Russia does not have the resources needed for an offensive in the north of Ukraine.

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