US Senate to consider resolution recognizing Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide

8 December 2022, 12:42 AM
US Congress (Photo:REUTERS/Leah Millis)

US Congress (Photo:REUTERS/Leah Millis)

U.S. Senate could soon vote on a resolution that would recognize Russia’s aggression against Ukraine as genocide of the Ukrainian people, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, said in a Twitter post on Dec. 7.

In his post, Yermak thanked U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) for their support.

“This is very important to us; Russia has to be punished; genocide must be stopped,” Yermak said.

Earlier on Dec. 7, the committee approved the Ukraine Genocide Resolution, paving the way for it to be voted on the senate floor.

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“The crimes being committed against the Ukrainian people throughout Putin’s illegal and unprovoked war go against innumerable international conventions and can only be summarized as genocide,” said Cardin in a statement on the committee’s website.

The same statement specifies the resolution does the following:

·       Condemns Russia for committing acts of genocide against the people of Ukraine;

·       Calls on the United States, along with NATO and EU allies, to support the government of Ukraine to prevent further acts of Russian genocide against the Ukrainian people;

·       Supports tribunals and international criminal investigations to hold Russian political leaders and military personnel accountable for a war of aggression, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide;

·       Urges the (U.S.) president (Joe Biden) to use Global Magnistky sanctions on those responsible or complicit in the Russian Federation’s genocide in Ukraine.

Thus far, Russia’s systemic war crimes in Ukraine have been recognized as genocide by the parliaments of the following countries: Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Canada, Estonia, and Latvia, among others.

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