New missile strikes and drone attacks: What to expect next

5 January, 04:02 PM

Intervals between massive missile strikes will increase

For five days in a row, Ukraine (especially Kyiv) was bombarded with missiles and drones, with the Russians releasing them in small doses. Everything could have started earlier, but on December 26, the explosions at the Engels airfield disrupted a real massive strike with the usual number of 90 missiles. The launch of 69 missiles on December 29 was a sort of nervous breakdown. They could not stand it and decided to strike with the amount they had assembled, with what they recovered and were able to put in order. On December 31 – which was the "residual" of what remained in combat condition – they used missiles. It was an echo of the strike that failed on December 26.

Video of day

As for drone attacks, the situation here, in my opinion, is as follows. The missiles that were ready for use have been used. Now, as usual, they have a pause – from 10 days to two weeks – to bring them in again, prepare them, and also to ready planes and crews and fix technical issues. What do they have left? Drones. So, after the missile strikes, the Russians fired "disrupting fire" at us for three days in a row to psychologically exhaust our population. Most of it went to Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast. Drones cannot be fired like rockets in a volley so that they fly in a large flock. They are released at a certain interval. They take 40-50 drones and let them fly throughout the night. They say that in Kyiv – as if on the front line – anti-aircraft fire and rocket launches from our side continue all night, with searchlights illuminating the sky. We understand that most people sit in bomb shelters with their children without sleep, and in the morning some have to go to work, and some have to go take care of business. And part of our population spends all these consecutive nights in bomb shelters.

They are changing tactics, trying to influence our population in any way they can. Whatever they can ruin, they will. There are even jokes about how they seem to think that if they ruin New Year’s for us and keep us awake from January 1st to January 2nd, then of course we capitulate, give up all our territories, and generally concede that Ukraine will be part of Russia. But they really think like that. They live in this mentality, and this opinion is very difficult to break. They think – just another blow, another night like this, and tomorrow, Ukrainians will take to the streets, begin to overthrow our government, and demand peace at any price. They do not want to find out that more than 90% of our population supports not surrender, but victory. And we are doing everything we can to make victory come this year. And we believe that it will.

In regards to striking Iranian drone launchers: First of all, we have no means that can reliably reach the Shahed launch areas. Secondly, Shaheds have a range of approximately 1000 km. They cover 700-800 km without problems with the fuel they have on board. Moreover, the launcher of such Shaheds is an ordinary truck with a tented body. The vehicle stops, the awning is removed, the body rises to an angle of 45 degrees, and up to five Shahed-131 or Shahed-136 drones blast off. Then the body is lowered, the awning is pulled up, the car drives off. That’s it. It is very difficult to calculate where these drones will launch from, as they are on mobile platforms. This is the main problem.

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