Putin’s regime has launched irreversible processes in Russia

24 March, 11:46 AM

Vladimir Putin is fighting a war to exterminate Ukrainian people. And he must be satisfied to see so many Ukrainians dying. 

Russians have been killing thousands by bombing Mariupol and Kharkiv. They have been burning entire agglomerations in Sumy Oblast and the suburbs of Kyiv in the area of ​ ​Hostomel, Irpin, Bucha.

The invaders have been squeezing millions of Ukrainians abroad.  For Putin's empire, the territory and resources of Ukraine are more important than people. Furthermore, Putin's tankers can perfectly survive in the conditions of destroyed infrastructure and burned residential areas. I think he plans to use them to repopulate Ukraine.

Видео дня

An average resident of the Russian outback is used to live in ruins and poverty. Those Russians, who live in very harsh conditions at home, have been falling for the idea of ​ ​destroying Ukraine more than anything in the world. They sign military contracts and head to Ukraine. For most of them the invasion is the only way out of poverty Russia can offer.

They chose to become killers making it the greatest mission in their lives. Of course the justify their chose by calling themselves liberators of Ukraine.

Numerous domestic Russian issues such as operation of sewers and lack of asphalt on the roads does not matter to them. The main thing is to capture Ukraine. Of course, we are not talking about Moscow, St. Petersburg and several other cities, in the brilliance and monumentality of which the "greatness of the empire" is concentrated. But even there, most residents support the war. Sociologists even call the figure: 71 percent of Russians support Putin’s invasion.

Putin's regime has replaced life standards with "pride in Russia," which has been "getting out of its knees" and expanding, turns Ukrainian cities into ruins, just like it did in Syria before.

The vast majority of the population of Putin's Russia is well trained in Russian reality, which often lacks not only political freedoms, but also basic living conditions for a modern human.

At the same time, Russians have been destroying civilian population indiscriminately - children, elderly, Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Arabs and representatives of other ethnic groups. In this sense, Putinists are really "international" - they maim and kill everyone.

 Indicative markers of Russian policy in Ukraine are the actions of Putin's "probe teams," which break into Ukrainian villages and cities. They rob food warehouses, supermarkets and private housing, taking food, water, electricity generators, fuel and transport from the local population. The selected values, money and electronics are televisions and mobiles, this is a "pleasant" bonus for the outlandish Russian payback, enjoying the opportunity to pack its pockets and bodies of military trucks with the fact that in the coordinate system of aliens from a distant Russian hinterland, is a real value.

 Poor, dirty and hungry savages with weapons - this was the result of an information experiment, during which the electorate of Putin was turned into accomplices of a war crime in Ukraine for years.

And now it's hard to say who charged whom more to the bloody massacre - Putin settled millions of his voters through a zombie inside which he settled a whole bunch of media killers. Or he, as a real political animal, caught and realized the aspirations of his people.

But for sure, Putin began preparations for the offensive a long time ago - even when he voiced his attitude towards Ukraine among world leaders at the Munich Conference. He was already preparing an attack on a peaceful country.

What Putin's regime has turned into its own population, which is overwhelmingly happy about the invasion of Ukraine - of course, a sad sight. They do not even realize that the processes for the collapse of Russia, launched by Putin, his political entourage and most of the population of the state - a terrorist supporting the war, are already irreversible.

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