The most important thing has already happened. What has changed in the West

1 February, 04:19 PM
The eighth meeting in the Rammstein format (Photo:REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay)

The eighth meeting in the Rammstein format (Photo:REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay)

One should not expect anything extraordinary from the Ramstein meetings themselves. Issues are discussed there, but decisions may be announced later

The question of the supply of Western-made tanks was resolved during the week after Ramstein, when the Allies finally agreed on a political formula for the organization of this process.

The U.S. clearly wanted to transfer the "tank" issue to the European allies, while the latter, in the person of Olaf Scholz, on the contrary, wanted to share the corresponding risks between themselves and their overseas partners. What are the risks? Obviously, the risk of a nuclear escalation with Russia still remains in the world of German politics, and in the event of such an escalation, Germany seeks to share the risks equally with all of its North Atlantic allies. This gave rise to a purely political decision: not Leopards instead of Abrams, but both Leopards and Abrams, with the latter coming later.

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The West is overcoming new and mental obstacles built up by decades of relations with Russia, when the latter was considered a powerful (at least in military terms) state.

Accordingly, all that worried them initially was the threat of escalation. Of course, escalation for the West itself, because Ukraine felt the full force of "brotherly love" from its wild eastern neighbor from the very first days of the war.

 They have gotten to tanks, but have already started talking about aviation

Well, there still remain some options for settling this war, which were first talked about loudly, and then more quietly. One of the latest manifestations of all this is the statement by Victoria Nuland that the United States is ready to negotiate the lifting of sanctions in exchange for withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. We made a terrible "betrayal" out of this, but the appeal is quite reasonable, and is obviously directed not at war criminals from the Kremlin, but at the Russian "elite." Its meaning is simple: "Enough, perhaps?" This is a situation in which it is impossible to win, but it is possible to multiply deaths, destruction, and crisis, as well as negative consequences for the initiators of this crime.

But, of course, it's not “enough” for them. They are going to continue mobilizing slaves so that they die "for the glory" of their master. As long as the slaves agree to this, the master still has many "big plans."

Therefore, all more or less reasonable people in the civilized world have come to understand: there will be no "settlement." There will be a difficult struggle, the effectiveness of which has been hindered by the barriers of perception of the world around the West’s elites.

But over time, assessments have changed, and imaginary barriers have been overcome. First, the barrier of weapons as such, and later, the barrier of Western weapons. Later, the barrier for artillery, missiles, and jet systems... They have gotten to tanks, but have already started talking about aviation. All these decisions took a long time, in fact too long. But just as we have come a long way in a year, the West has gone an equally long way.

And again, you don't need to read tea leaves about "what will happen and when." The most important thing has happened — the political decision on heavy Western armored vehicles for Ukraine has been made. During the political discussion, there were some terms that were politically motivated. Now that there is a political solution, everything is moving into the plane of military expediency, and there will be no loud discussions or announcements.

Against this background, German and American business has decided to increase the production of ammunition, and significantly so. Finally, after a long period of dizziness after the end of the Cold War, as well as dreams of the "End of History", there is a return to reality.

The "end of history" is over. The West has begun adapting to a reality in which a variety of non-democratic regimes engage in outright terrorism under the guise of spy networks, billion-dollar lobbying schemes, and peddling fear of a theoretical nuclear threat.

It is clear that in the "swamp kingdom," all this is perceived with-out enthusiasm, although everything is hidden behind propaganda and bravado. Although the latter is becoming more and more funny.

Dmitriy Rogozin, wounded by shrapnel from a French Caesar howitzer, promises to send his own robot to the front to fight the Leopards. Although, knowing Rogozin, we can assume that hidden behind this robot will be three mobiks [slang for Russian conscripts - ed.] pushing its metal hulk forward.

Everything else is just another exploitation of the theme of nu-clear war. They exploit it completely. Even agent Gundyaev, with the call sign "Patriarch" [a reference to Patriarch Kiril of the Russian Orthodox Church, whose surname is Gundayev – ed.] said something about how "Russia cannot be defeated because it has a bomb!" And [Russian propagandist Olga] Skabeeva complains that "for some reason the Americans are no longer afraid of them."

By the way, these talking points handed down from the Kremlin about "nuclear bombs which make it impossible to defeat Russia" have been distributed to everyone, and have been voiced by everyone: from the drunken [Russian politician Dmitry] Medvedev to various bloggers. Another dark story that has penetrated even into the thick hair of the "independent journalist" [Echo of Moscow editor-in-chief Alexei] Venediktov are fables about the "ineffectiveness" of Western tanks.

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In principle, let's not talk about these tanks. But let's imagine what the "great Laptestan” [a disparaging term for Russia - ed.] now has come to, that they basically have no arguments left, except for the threat of total destruction of everything in a nuclear war. All their great culture, their ballet, their iconic ice cream, and their flight into space — it was all for the sake of now threatening the whole world with destruction.

Crisis, collapse and decline. So far, just its only ideological and conceptual. But no, everything else [in Russia] is also in a similar state, though it may only come to light later.

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