Ukraine is only a fragment of Putin's plan

27 December 2022, 06:55 PM

The idea is for one Russian army to reach Uzhhorod and the other Ashgabat

Vladimir Putin's idea (this is an old imperial idea, not just recently invented) is that Ukrainianness as such does not exist, that Ukraine’s lands are the lands of historical Russia. The historical Russia which won the Second World War, and thanks to this victory and the death of tens of millions of its people, reached the borders that belong to it. And these very lands were taken from her due to the intrigues of the West, along with Russia’s sphere of influence in Central Europe.

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And this, in fact, is a revision of the Yalta Agreements by the leaders of the USSR, the US, and Great Britain. The basic idea of ​​any Russian patriot is to return to these Yalta agreements. And if until February 24 there was still an illusion that the population of this so-called historical Russia in Ukrainian lands sympathized with this plan, now neither Putin nor any of his associates have any such ideas. And it is even worse for this population, because it is absolutely obvious that those who consider themselves Russian should live on the lands of historical Russia. And anyone who considers himself a Ukrainian actually contributes to Russia's plan to seize its "historical lands" and must either be destroyed, expelled, or intimidated. Better, of course, to be destroyed and expelled.

That is, the history of the 1920s – the restoration of the lands of the Russian Empire under the communist banner — is actually being repeated. Since this was the Bolshevik ideology, and since the Russians were afraid of the collapse of their empire, they were ready to go for the ephemeral design of the so-called sovereign states which were actually governed from Moscow.

The new Russian regime is absolutely not going to repeat this mistake, because it has already seen that even ephemeral states are ready for independence at the moment there is a crisis of Russian statehood.

And therefore the main idea is quite simple: to prevent the disintegration of these "historical lands" of Russia in the future. The story with Ukraine is only a fragment of this plan. Next (provided Russia wins) will be the annexation of Belarus, Kazakhstan, the countries of the Caucasus, and Central Asia.

The idea is for one Russian army to reach Uzhgorod, and the other to reach Ashgabat.

And that will be the moment when "historical justice" is restored. That is when we will understand “what our grandfathers fought for." And again: if the population living here in Ukraine does not like it, it should disappear from these lands. If the population of Turkmenistan does not like it, Afghanistan is nearby, and they can go there. If you do not consider yourself subjects of the Tsar of Moscow, then he has no future for you.

We can either win or disappear

Therefore, unfortunately, we do not have much chance of coming to an agreement. It is not about whether we can win or lose. We can either win or disappear — some in a physical sense, and some in a national sense. Some from the point of view of continuing their life, and some from the point of view of continuing their identity.

But to think that Russia could win and Ukraine could remain is a huge mistake. I have been talking about this since the early 90s. As soon as Moscow realizes that Ukraine really wants to be Ukraine, that this is not a joke and that it will not be possible to return it to the future union state that Moscow thought about immediately after August 1991, steps will be taken to return it.

First political and economic steps, then sabotage and attempts to establish a Russian government, then pressure and endeavors to cripple the country, as has already happened with Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.

And when all this does not help, a great war will begin. This is the choice that Ukrainians made on December 1, 1991. It was not a choice simply in favor of independence. It was a choice in favor of confrontation with the empire.

The problem is that the majority of the population of the future independent state was not even aware of this. And the most important thing is that most of the population of the imperial metropole itself was not aware of this. One part (the Ukrainians) was certain that the Russians were not opposed to this independence happening, while the other part (the Russians) believed that it was just a joke, which would assuredly end with the creation of some new state like the CIS.

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