19 April, 01:56 PM

France supports embargo on Russian energy

French President Emmanuel Macron supports a full EU embargo on Russian oil and gas, German newspaper Deutsche Welle reported on April 19.

Macron said this move is necessary to “diminish Moscow’s ability to prosecute war.”

The French president added that France does not rely on Russian gas, and that it is not alone in its call for including the embargo in EU sanctions on Russia. At the same time, Macron noted that the “European market is interconnected,” and therefore the EU as a whole does depend on Russian gas.

On April 7, the European Parliament passed a resolution that calls for a full EU embargo on Russian gas, oil, coal, and nuclear fuel, for more weapons provided to Ukraine, and for establishing a UN tribunal to investigate Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

However, the EU is yet to agree upon imposing an embargo on Russian energy. So far, only coal imports from Russia have been banned, but only starting in August. Austria, Germany,  and Hungary have been vociferously opposed to further energy embargo against the aggressor state, claiming that their economies would be unduly impacted. 

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