14 August, 03:12 PM

Intercepted conversation with Russian soldier reveals complaints about conditions in Russian army

Russian soldiers are continuing to complain about conditions in the Russian army, according to a new intercepted conversation published by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry on YouTube on Aug. 13.

In particular, one of the invaders can be heard telling a woman about the large number of deserters among the Russian military involved in the war against Ukraine.

“I have 11 people left in my platoon, there should be 30,” he said.

“Our regiment consisted of 320 people, 52 of us are left. Not only wounded and killed, there are lots of deserters.”

The Russian invader, in Kharkiv Oblast, told about the replenishment of the invaders’ armed forces, noting that only “ragtag” troops had arrived there after the restrictions on recruitment were lifted.

The conversation also concerned where the unit’s personnel were from. The invader noted the absence of people from the occupied Crimea among the invading forces.

The Russian also spoke of an “unfortunate event” in which his comrade-in-arms had lost an unspecified part of his body in a blast from a booby-trap that had previously been planted by the invaders themselves.

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