29 June, 04:09 PM

Invaders preparing serious provocation at Zaporizhzhya NPP, says Energoatom

Russian invasion forces are preparing a serious provocation at the captured Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, the press service of state enterprise Energoatom reported on Telegram on June 29.

Reportedly, the invaders are planning to accuse the Ukrainian nuclear power plant of storing weapons on its territory. To implement this, several workers were detained and tortured to confess to them that allegedly in March, they dropped some weapons into the concrete bowls of the cooling ponds at the nuclear power plant — either explosives or shells.

Under this pretext, the occupiers insist on draining the cooling ponds to check their bottoms and stop the pumps that supply water to the safety systems of power units.

"If this happens, the safety systems of Europe's largest nuclear power plant will be left without cooling, which in itself is a serious breach and could threaten nuclear safety. In addition, such works should not be carried out in the warm season due to the risk of overheating and equipment failure,” Energoatom said.

In its message, Energoatom added that the most important issue remains to monitor the invaders’ actions, as under the guise of an inspection they could throw explosives, and unexploded ordnance into the cooling ponds, and then accuse ZNPP employees of doing so. This could be a formal reason for inviting IAEA representatives to the facility, the company said.

The largest nuclear power plant in Europe, the Zaporizhzhya NPP, was captured by the Russian invaders on March 4, after heavy fighting in the city of Enerhodar. ZNPP’s buildings were damaged by Russian shelling in several places, and plant workers were taken prisoner.

At the end of April, the nuclear power plant was completely reopened, although the Russian authorities are trying to assume full control over the plant, involving specialists from the Russian Federation.

The Office of the Prosecutor General has already served in absentia the Russian general, who took part in the violent seizure of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, with a notice of suspicion.

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