15 April, 06:53 PM

Lithuania unfazed by Russian threat to deploy nukes in the Baltics

There is “nothing new” in Russia's threat to deploy nuclear weapons in the Baltics, Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Simonyte said, reported Lithuanian news outlet Delfi on April 14.

The Russian threat came after Dmitriy Medvedev, deputy chair of the Russian Security Council, said that if Sweden and Finland join NATO, they would become opponents of Russia and threatened with consequences.

However, the Lithuanian PM welcomed the decision of Finland and Sweden to join NATO. She noted that Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave in the Baltics, has been a militarized zone for a long time.

Simonyte believes that security in the region is a joint responsibility of all Baltic nations, and the participation of Finland and Sweden in the Alliance will strengthen the regional as a whole.

Sweden and Finland intend to join NATO this summer, the Times reports, largely due to Russian aggression against Ukraine. They had previously held neutral stances with regard to the Euro-Atlantic alliance.

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