16 June, 01:05 PM

Russia and its proxies shell Donetsk to boost mobilization, ISW report says

Russia-controlled forces are now regularly shelling Donetsk – which has been under occupation by Moscow’s proxies since 2014 – to drum up anti-Ukraine sentiment and boost mobilization efforts, the U.S.-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) think tank said in a report on June 15.

As residents of Donetsk and nearby Makiivka said they were under mortar fire, the Russian “DPR” puppet statelet claimed the blame lay with Ukrainian military.

Ukrainian officials denied the accusations.

ISW said the false flag attack could potentially be “a response to statements made by Western officials on June 15 announcing increased military aid for Ukraine.”

The report also said that Ukrainian resistance in occupied territories is likely to continue to disrupt Russian “annexation agendas.”

According to Ukrainian officials, “DPR” troops lob rounds at Donetsk to justify further Russian military assistance and prop-up the “virtually non-existent” motivation of their troops to fight.

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