3 May, 03:07 PM

Russia is preparing to accuse Ukraine of using biological weapons, Ukrainian intelligence claims

Russia is preparing to deal with a cholera epidemic in regions that border Ukraine, and is likely to stage a false flag operation in late May – early June, accusing Kyiv of “using biological weapons” against Russia’s civilian population, Ukraine’s military intelligence said in a Telegram post on May 2.

According to the message, Russia’s Surgeon General has signed an order for some regions to prepare for a cholera outbreak.

Crimea, as well as Bryansk, Kursk, Belgorod, Voronezh, Rostov, and Krasnodar regions – all of which share a border with Ukraine – were mentioned in the document.

It instructed Russian officials in those regions to do the following:

·         By May 15, open laboratories to study cholera pathogens, tighten control over mass gatherings of people, and issue guidance to the population on how to best stave off the disease;

·         By June 1, set up healthcare facilities to deal with an epidemic, and request corresponding medical supplies in required quantities.

“It’s likely that by late May – early June, Russia’s leadership could resort to provocations on its territory near Ukraine,” Ukrainian intelligence said.

“Naturally, there will be attempts to place the blame on Ukraine, accusing (it) of using biological weapons.”

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