22 June, 12:24 PM

Russian invaders may attack near Lysychansk soon, predicts US think tank

Russian troops are successfully advancing to Lysychansk from the south, and are likely to attack the outskirts of the town in the coming week, U.S. think tank the Institute of the Study of War, or ISW, said in its report for June 21.

The ISW noted that this attack by the Russians would be a setback for the Ukrainian defense in the area of Severodonetsk-Lysychansk.

The reports says that in order to capture Lysychansk, the invaders will probably need further protracted battles with Ukrainian troops, similar to the block-by-block battles seen in Mariupol and Severodonetsk.

Analysts previously predicted that the Russian invaders would try to attack Lysychansk from the south in order to negate the defensive advantage that the Seversky Donets River provides to the Ukrainian defenders.

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