14 September, 11:54 AM

In wake of Kharkiv counter-offensive, Russian troops flee from Melitopol toward Crimea, mayor says

Russian troops are fleeing from the temporarily occupied Melitopol in Zaporizhzhya Oblast in the direction of Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea, Melitopol mayor of the city Ivan Fedorov wrote on his Telegram channel on Sept 13.

“The invaders fled from Melitopol towards the temporarily occupied Crimea,” he wrote. “Columns of military equipment have already been recorded at the checkpoint in Chongar. This was expected – the rapid Ukrainian offensive leaves them no chance.”

NV is unable to confirm Federov’s claims.

Federov said that in order to take stolen goods out of Zaporizhzhya Oblast, Russian troops were breaking into garages and stealing civilian cars. Fedorov urged local residents to secure their transport so that it would not be stolen by Russians.

Earlier, Ukrainian intelligence reported that the successful actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are forcing the so-called authorities of the temporarily occupied Crimea and southern Ukraine to urgently relocate their families from Ukrainian territory back to Russia.

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