8 July, 07:09 PM

Severodonetsk verges on humanitarian disaster — Luhansk authorities

Severodonetsk is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe, while Russians are looting the property of locals, Serhiy Hayday, the head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, Serhiy Hayday, said in a Facebook post on July 8.

"80% of housing in Severodonetsk was destroyed or damaged,” he said.

“Some people try to return to pick up their belongings, but there are increasingly cases where after paying a large sum to an illegal carrier, they find an empty apartment, even if it survived".

Hayday added that, having entered the city, the Russians first deported part of the local population, took away their keys, and then began looting.

"They drive up to high-rise buildings on trucks. If the furniture is decent, they take it away. It is no longer about merely household appliances," he stated.

According to the official, the Russian invading forces have appointed another "commandant", already the third, but the property of the people of Severodonetsk "continues to go missing".

Hayday said that the city is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster — there is no centralized water, gas, or electricity supply.

"Since the end of February, the occupiers have been shelling critical infrastructure facilities, destroying them almost entirely," the update reads.

“They will not be able to repair anything. Because even in peacetime, it could take half a year or one year [to perform] such a volume of restoration. Subject to availability of materials and skilled workers. Russians have neither that nor the other”.

The regional governor also mentioned a major problem with sewage.

"Treatment facilities are not working, nor are the pumping stations,” said Hayday.

“Sewage accumulates. Plus the heat outside. And the stench from the dead — those who were buried in yards, and many remain in apartments and entrance halls, such as in one of the high-rise buildings in the new districts. Severodonetsk is facing a humanitarian catastrophe".

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