5 September, 07:20 PM

Ukrainian military releases video of entry into Vysokopillia

The Ukrainian military published the first clip from the village of Vysokopillia in Kherson Oblast, which was liberated from invading Russian forces on Sept. 4.

The released footage shows a column of the Armed Forces walking along a rural road, greeted by local residents.

"Glory to Ukraine! Thank you!" they addressed the servicemen.

Earlier, the President's Office announced that the Ukrainian Defense Forces entered the village, located in southern Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian army on the southern axis continues.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have kept the strategic Antonivskyi bridge and other crossings across the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast under sustained fire, thereby preventing Russian troops from restoring critical sup-ply routes.

As Ukrainian troops block the deployment of Russian units, the capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces in the region have been severely diminished.

And although the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has refrained from commenting on updates regarding the liberation of Kherson, earlier reports already emerged about the liberation of a number of settlements, including Vysokopillia. It’s strategic position is said to be a key fulcrum of Ukraine’s liberation operation.

Additionally, Ukrainian partisans continue to eliminate pro-Kremlin collaborators who have voluntarily agreed to work for the invading Russian forces.

Due to Ukraine’s on-going success in freeing the region, the occupying authorities decided against holding their pseudo-referendum on "joining" Russia in the territories temporarily under their control.

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