21 June, 12:48 PM

Ukrainian partisans continuing to harass Russian invasion troops in occupied territories

Ukrainian partisan groups have increased their activity in the occupied territories, harassing Russian troops and making it difficult to for the invasion forces to establish sustainable control over these regions, U.S. think tank the Institute for the Study of War said in its June 20 report.

“Ukrainian partisan activity is likely having administrative consequences on Russian efforts to institute Russian citizenship processes en masse within occupied territories,” reads the report.

According to media reports, Ukrainian insurgent groups are especially active in Kherson and Zaporizhzhya oblasts where Russia controls substantial territories.

Analysts from the Institute for the Study of War believe that partisan efforts will prevent the Russians from announcing the annexation of Ukraine’s south and declaring it part of the Russian Federation.

Partisans in Kherson held a successful operation on June 20, eliminating two Russian soldiers and wounding another one. All three came to a restaurant in a wealthy district of Kherson to enjoy a meal, where they were attacked by a group of partisans.

Two days earlier, Evgen Sobolev, director of 90th penitentiary facility in Kherson who joined the Russian occupation administration, survived a car-bomb assassination attempt.

Moreover, Ukrainian volunteers in Kherson put a series of posters on the city streets, calling on the local residents not to engage with the Russian occupation administration and prepare for the liberation of the city by the Ukrainian army.

Russia attempts to establish control in the east are continuing: Another section of the ISW reports describes the situation in Starobilsk, a city in Luhansk Oblast. There, Russian occupation administration is trying to organize Soviet-style collective farms to control the agriculture industry.

The invaders also plan to distribute Russian passports to local residents.

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