Ukraїner and Lely45 release music video about Simferopol

15 February, 07:15 AM
Simferopol (Akmesdzhit) (Photo:screenshot from the video)

Simferopol (Akmesdzhit) (Photo:screenshot from the video)

Brave Cities, a series of short videos produced by the Ukraїner media project showcasing Russia-occupied Ukrainian cities that resist the occupation, released its latest video on YouTube on Feb. 13, which features a song about Simferopol, Crimea, performed by Ukrainian singer Lyudmila Bilousova, aka Lely45.

“Simferopol (also known as Aqmescit in the native Crimean Tatar language) is the second-largest city of the Crimean Peninsula and the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The Ukrainian city has been temporarily occupied by Russia since March 2014,” the video description reads.

“Thousands of Simferopol residents were forced to flee their home over Russian aggression, however many people who remained in the city don't support the occupation authorities and are looking forward to Ukraine’s return.”

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The locals call Simferopol the heart of the Crimea as it was the final destination for most of the trains that were running between the peninsula and the mainland Ukraine. The hot southern city under the deep blue sky was always crowded and attracted many tourists. The aroma of oriental spices from the stalls at the Central Market, dark prints on the asphalt from overripe fruit falling right under feet, tarragon tea with tart notes of wormwood, freshly fried chebureki, and spicy pilaf, picnics on the shore of a water reservoir – these are the memories of Ukrainian Simferopol that remain in people’s hearts forever.

“I wanted to write a really heartfelt song that could warm the soul and inspire a bright thought that anyone who has suffered loss can get their dreams, their tranquility, their hometown back and create the future they want,” Lely45 commented.

The Brave Cities project of the Ukraїner platform was created to encourage people in temporarily occupied Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages which didn't want to be “liberated” by Russians. Now, their residents are brave to resist invaders or had to temporarily leave their homes. Videos about Nova Kakhovka, Berdyansk, Melitopol, Kherson, Mariupol, Skadovsk, Severodonetsk, Starobilsk, Donetsk, and Luhansk are available so far. A new season is dedicated to Crimea, with three videos and songs to be released.

The videos are about the spirit of these cities and towns, about each and every resident who currently can't feel safe at their home.

The author of the project is Bogdan Logvynenko, a Ukrainian writer, journalist, TV presenter, literary critic, editor, and public figure. The lyrics are by Lyudmila Bilousova, music is by Illia Tkachuk.

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