Ukrainian refugees intend to return once war ends, research shows

30 March, 02:43 PM
Ukrainian refugees at the train station in Berlin (Photo:REUTERS / Fabrizio Bensch)

Ukrainian refugees at the train station in Berlin (Photo:REUTERS / Fabrizio Bensch)

The vast majority Ukrainian refugees abroad intend to return to Ukraine after the war, according to a poll conducted by Rating Lab, the company’s director, Marianna Tkalich, told NV in an interview on March 30.

According to Tkalich, 93% of Ukrainian refugees abroad plan to return home as soon as the war concludes. This sentiment is shared even by the youngest, typically the most mobile, cohort of Ukrainians.

“Only 4% of those who left (Ukraine) plan to remain in their host countries; we can explain this by the fact that they might have no choice,” said Tkalich.

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“When one is forced to relocate, one tends to be less keen about remaining (abroad); of course, these attitudes could change, should the war drag on.”

Tkalich added that Ukrainians are growing more confident about the capabilities of the country’s armed forces.

Back in January, less than half of Ukraine’s citizens were confident of their army’s ability to repel a Russian invasion, according to Rating Lab research. Today this figure is at 92%, and the trend remains positive.

In general, almost 90% of Ukrainians support the country’s leadership and their conduct during the war, Tkalich said.

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