Air Force says Ukrainian mobile fire groups becoming more effective

24 April, 03:55 PM
The effectiveness of the work of mobile fire groups in Ukraine is being increased, Ignat said (

The effectiveness of the work of mobile fire groups in Ukraine is being increased, Ignat said (

The effectiveness of mobile fire groups opposing Russia missile strikes is growing and will continue to do so, the spokesman of the Air Force Command, Yuriy Ihnat, said on Ukrainian national television on April 24.

Ihnat said that so far Ukraine cannot cover its entire territory with air defense systems, but mobile fire groups, armed with small arms and machine guns, are each time becoming more and more effective, particularly at night.

“The Patriot air defense systems are being delivered, but both the S-300 and the Buk systems are not durable either,” he said.

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“We should understand that this weaponry also has its limits. We’re gradually moving towards replacing Soviet air defense systems.”

Ihnat added that Ukrainian defenders and production were adapting to the realities of modern warfare by producing the latest equipment. As an example of an “invention,” he cited quadcopters that drop grenades.

Regarding the Patriots, Ihnat said that only combat use will show whether they can shoot down Iskander and Kinzhal ballistic missiles.

“We’ll see if it (the Patriot system) can shoot them,” he said.

“Only real combat will show this. Patriot is one of the best air defense systems in the world.”

The Air Force spokesman also said that the SAMP-T air defense systems that Ukraine is waiting to be delivered can also shoot down ballistic missiles.

Earlier, Ihnat said that Russian missile strikes at Ukraine’s critical infrastructure with the use of Shahed suicide drones and cruise missiles had significantly degraded Ukrainian air defenses, and they need to be strengthened.

Meanwhile, after the Ramstein format meeting of Ukraine’s military allies on April 21, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin assured that the United States would intensify the supply of new ground-based air defense systems to Ukraine — in particular through the supply of missiles.

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