Three countries line up behind Ukraine’s cause at Ramstein meeting – Reznikov

16 June, 01:21 PM
Oleksii Reznikov at a meeting in Ramstein (Photo:Oleksii Reznikov/Twitter)

Oleksii Reznikov at a meeting in Ramstein (Photo:Oleksii Reznikov/Twitter)

Georgia, Moldova, and Ecuador are joining the allied effort to supply Ukraine with crucial armaments following the latest multi-lateral meeting at the U.S. Ramstein Air Force base in Germany, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said in a Twitter post on June 16.

The minister also said that Ukraine would be getting additional security assistance beyond what’s been publicly announced.

“Ukraine will continue its fight for freedom and independence; our partners will continue to support Ukraine; NATO has the greatest unity in its history; Ukraine will win,” said Reznikov.

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The June 15 meeting concluded with Slovakia pledging to supply Ukraine with Mi-17 helicopters; Canada, Poland, and the Netherlands announcing additional artillery shipments, and Germany making promises to deliver three Mars II MLRS.

During a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart, U.S. President Joe Biden said that Washington was preparing another $1 billion military aid package for Ukraine.

According to U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, the package will include high-precision MLRS munitions, 18 M777 howitzers, 36,000 155mm artillery rounds, two Harpoon anti-ship missile coastal batteries, and various infantry equipment.

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