Fighting continues as Russians trying to capture Severodonetsk, says Luhansk governor

9 June, 03:06 PM
Street fighting has been going on in Severodonetsk for more than a week (Photo:Serhiy Hayday/Telegram)

Street fighting has been going on in Severodonetsk for more than a week (Photo:Serhiy Hayday/Telegram)

Invading Russian forces are destroying the town of Severodonetsk, but so far have failed to regain control of it, Luhansk regional governor Serhiy Hayday said on Facebook on June 9.

Hayday said that the Russian troops continue to shell the city’s industrial zone, where the Ukrainian military is holding positions.

In particular, the enemy is systematically launching missile strikes, using Kalibr cruise missiles.

"It's quiet in Severodonetsk only when the guns are being reloaded," the governor said.

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"Street fighting is ongoing in the regional center. The Russians adhere to their primitive tactics: heavy artillery shelling, followed by breakthrough attempts. The same happened in the already destroyed Rubizhne and Popasna."

According to Hayday, if the Armed Forces of Ukraine quickly receive Western weapons and an "artillery duel" begins, the Ukrainian military will be able to liberate Severodonetsk in two or three days.

He added that evacuation of civilians from Severodonetsk is still impossible, as is the transportation of humanitarian goods. However, local doctors still have everything necessary to stabilize the conditions of the wounded.

At the same time, humanitarian aid is delivered to Lysychansk every day, but the Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway is closed for driving.

"The Russians don't control it, but are constantly storming it," Hayday said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on June 6 said that Russia has strength in numbers in the fight for Severodonetsk, but Ukraine has a chance to win. He said that the enemy loses about 300 soldiers killed per day.

Hayday said late on June 8 that the enemy had seized most of Severodonetsk. According to him, over 90% of Luhansk Oblast has been temporarily seized by the enemy.

According to the President's Office, Severodonetsk is one of the settlements in the Donbas that has been completely destroyed by the Russians.

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