Kremlin orders army commander Dvornikov to take Severodonetsk by June 10 — regional governor

5 June, 07:56 PM
Alexander Dvornikov threw almost all the reserves at Severodonetsk (Photo:Kremlin)

Alexander Dvornikov threw almost all the reserves at Severodonetsk (Photo:Kremlin)

The Kremlin has given the commander of Russian troops in Ukraine, General Alexander Dvornikov a deadline to seize Severodonetsk in Luhansk Oblast, according to the head of the Luhansk regional military administration Serhiy Hayday.

The regional governor says was tasked with taking Severodonetsk under the full control of the Russian Armed Forces by June 10, or by that time to encircle the city, cutting off the Ukrainian forces defending it.

"To date, Dvornikov has been tasked with either completely capturing Severodonetsk by June 10, or completely cutting the Lysychansk-Bakhmutroute and assuming control of it. That is why now a huge amount of forces, everything that the occupiers had, all the reserves have been thrown in to fulfill these two tasks," Hayday said.

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However, after giving up control of most of Severodonetsk, the Ukrainian military managed a successful counterattack, repelling enemy forces and drawing them into street fighting, making the work of Russian artillery and aircraft much more difficult, as the Russians themselves could now be hit by their own fire.

Dvornikov was dubbed “The Butcher of Syria” for the war-fighting methods he used in the Middle Eastern country, which resulted in huge numbers of civilian casualties.

There were earlier, unconfirmed reports that Dvornikov had been relieved of command of the Russian campaign in the Donbas.

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