More than 10 explosions heard in Berdyansk, invaders jam communications

3 June, 02:41 PM
The invaders blocked communication in Berdyansk (Photo:Berdyansk today/Telegram)

The invaders blocked communication in Berdyansk (Photo:Berdyansk today/Telegram)

More than 10 explosions were heard in various areas of the Russia-occupied coastal town of Berdyansk in Zaporizhzhya Oblast in the course of a day, Berdyansk city council said on June 2.

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The council urged residents of the city to be cautious, as there is no centralized alarm system in Berdyansk.

The city council also noted that there are still no communications in Berdyansk. This situation occurred as the occupation forces have moved massive amounts of troops throughout the city and the port.

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“The occupation authorities... have adopted the practice of jamming the signals of Ukrainian mobile operators since the evacuating Mariupol residents went through Berdyansk,” the city council said.

“They are trying to blame Ukraine for the lack of reception. To date, the practice of jamming mobile communications is still being used during the mass movement of enemy troops to the city or the water area of the Berdyansk port.”

Ukrainian mobile operators have previously officially announced that communications in Berdyansk were lost due to physical damage to equipment as well as the blocking of the signal by means of electronic warfare.

In March, the Ukrainian military attacked Berdyansk port, which had been captured by Russian forces, destroying a large landing ship and a warehouse of the invaders’ fuel and ammunition.

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