Russia already lost over 20 generals in war against Ukraine, believes Japanese intelligence

9 February, 12:44 PM
Russian Major General Roman Kutuzov, who was liquidated last June (Photo:InformNapalm)

Russian Major General Roman Kutuzov, who was liquidated last June (Photo:InformNapalm)

More than 20 Russian generals have already been killed in Russia’s war against Ukraine, Japanese newspaper Nikkei Asia reported on Feb. 9, citing Japanese intelligence.

Retired Japanese general and former chief of staff of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces, Kiyofumi Iwata, called these figures “unbelievably high”, and speculated that they are affecting the morale of the Russian military.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, a number of high-ranking Russian military figures were said to have been eliminated thanks to Ukrainian tracking of cell phone signals. The Russian military has since attempted to enforce bans on mobile phone usage in the field.

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Ukrainian partisans account for another portion of the slain Russian generals, the Japanese said.

“There may be informants in the two eastern regions giving information to Ukraine,” Iwata added, referring to Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, both of which are partially occupied by the enemy.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russia has lost more than 135,000 of its military personnel.

On Feb. 7, Georgian OSINT analyst Irakli Komakhidze reported that Russian Air Force Major General Dmitry Ulyanov had probably been killed in action in Donbas.

Last June, the commander of the 29th Army of the Russian Federation, who is also called the commander of the Donetsk puppet authority army corps, Major General Roman Kutuzov, was believed to have been neutralized in Luhansk Oblast.

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