Preventative nuclear strike ‘a certainty’ if he were Russian president, says Medvedev

25 April, 04:35 PM
Dmitry Medvedev claims that if he were the head of the Russian Federation, his hand

Dmitry Medvedev claims that if he were the head of the Russian Federation, his hand "would not tremble" (Photo:Скриншот відео ElectricReborn/Twitter)

Former Russian President and Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev once again threatened the civilized world with nuclear weapons on April 25.

Medvedev said that if he were Russian president now, he would certainly use a preventive nuclear strike “in a certain situation.”

“Let’s put it bluntly, if you have a weapon in your hands, and I, as a former president, would know, you must be ready that you won’t hesitate to use it in a certain situation, no matter how terrible and cruel it sounds,” he said in his speech at the “Knowledge. First” Russian federal education marathon.

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Medvedev had earlier threated the International Criminal Court with a hypersonic missile strike after they issued a warrant for Putin’s arrest.

While earlier similar threats by both he and Russian dictator Vladmir Putin have proven to be empty and Western nations dismiss them out of hand, the regime has little other to threaten with after squandering the rest of their tools.

Medvedev’s obsession with nuclear weapons has reached such heights that, according to him, they are now the “binding force” that unites Russia.

“Nuclear weapons are extremely important for the existence of Russia as the largest state on the planet,” he said during his speech on April 25.

“We can have a different attitude to nuclear weapons, and to weapons in general, but we understand that in today’s world, nuclear weapons for our country are of the same importance as the binding force that holds the state together.”

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