Mobilized Russian soldiers sent to frontline without food, equipment, says Luhansk governor

21 January, 06:45 PM
Russian troops (Photo:Луганська ОВА/Telegram)

Russian troops (Photo:Луганська ОВА/Telegram)

Russian conscripts are not provided food and equipment before being sent to the front lines in Alchevsk, Luhansk Oblast, the regional administration reported on Telegram on Jan. 21.

"The mobilized are immediately thrown to the areas close to the front without food, water or any equipment,” the message reads.

“They either buy the tools to equip their positions themselves or take them from the locals — if they have anything left.”

The regional administration also noted that the occupying authorities of Luhansk Oblast have actually recognized the fake nature of the so-called “referendums” held in 2014 and 2022. Reportedly, the Luhansk puppet authority adopted a "law" on “elections” which sets out a “mandate” for a so-called electoral commission.

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"That is, this commission did not exist during the organization of the previous elections,” the Luhansk regional administration stated.

“So who was in charge of controlling the count? Even the invaders have acknowledged this by law.”

According to the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, Russian forces are deploying conscripts, convicts, and career military personnel to the Svatove and Kreminna axes in the region.

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