Four killed as Russians again shell Azot chemicals plant in Luhansk Oblast

24 May, 05:28 PM
On May 24, the occupiers shelled Azot (

On May 24, the occupiers shelled Azot (

Four people were killed in the morning of May 24 in a Russian shelling attack on the Azot chemicals plant in Luhansk Oblast, Serhiy Hayday, head of Luhanks Oblast Military Administration, wrote on social media

Russia's war against Ukraine - the main events of May 24

“Today during the morning Russians again opened fire on the territory of Azov plant, everyone knows this, several bomb shelters have been set up (there),” Hayday wrote on Telegram.

Four individuals were killed in the attack, according to Hayday.

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Besides that, another local resident was seriously wounded in the Severodonetsk downtown area. He was taken to the local humanitarian center to receive healthcare service, but his wounds were too severe and he died.

“Our enemy applied as much force as he has to invade Severodonetsk and Lysychansk,” Hayday said. “However, after three months of combat he’s hardly made any progress. That’s why the Russians keep shelling our cities and towns, especially those where there are crowds on the streets.”

Severodonetsk Azot chemical plant produces nitrogen-based fertilizers for the needs of the Ukrainian agricultural industry. It is a part of Group DF, the business empire of oligarch Dmytro Firtash.

Firtash lives in Vienna, Austria, and owns more than $1 billion in assets, according to estimates by Ukrainian media.

The U.S. Justice Department has accused Firtash of corruption and has demands his extradition from Vienna for trial in the United States. However, Firtash’s lawyers have managed to get their client a legal status in Austria, where he has a right to live.

Besides chemical plants, Firtash owns Inter, a Ukrainian television channel that used to cater to the local pro-Russian audience.

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